Friday, April 29, 2011

Summer Tires.

It's finally, finally spring here in Canada. While that does not necessarily mean the weather will be warm, it does mean no more snow. You know how I know? Because my summer tires were put on my car today. They may not be clean, but darn it there pretty.

I made an appointment two weeks ago for a tire exchange this afternoon. I was promised a 3:00pm appointment that should take no longer than 20-30 minutes. When I arrived the nice tire man told me they were running behind and that it would be about 20 minutes before they started work. I told him that was fine and went to sit in the corner and bust out their Readers Digest. 

After 45 minutes my car was still sitting in the spot where I had left it. I was starting to get annoyed and began mentally plotting all the comments I could make. I considered, "If you don't have time I can come back", which isn't all that offensive, to "Can I have my keys because this is ridiculous and I'm outta here," with a nice foot stomp thrown in for good measure.

I was thinking about my line as I continued reading the cute anecdotes at the end of the Reader's Digest articles. One in particular caught my eye as I was about to stage my stomping scene. It went something like this:

My wife's plane was delayed due to foul weather causing her and several other passengers to miss their connections. As they waited in line to speak with a airline representative everyone remained calm and courteous. Except one man who was rude to the clerk and demanded he be reassigned to an aisle seat since that was what he had originally requested. The rest of the stranded passengers didn't care where they sat as long as they were permitted to board the next flight. Finally the clerk called the angry man up and gave him an aisle seat in coach on the next flight. He took his ticket and headed for the gate. As soon as he left the clerk announced that everyone else would be rebooked on the same flight first class.

As you can guess, I decided to maintain my composure and continue waiting like a good little girl. 

And you know what? An hour and a half later, when my car was finally done, the nice man called me to the counter and said he wasn't charging me since it took so long. 

So, thank you Mr. Tire Man. I can't get that hour and a half back but I sure do appreciate the $62 I kept in my pocket. 


Wednesday Workout: Cardio - 40 minutes, Weights - biceps, shoulders, abs

Thursday Workout: Nothing. Rest day. Plus my stomach doesn't like me today so I decided to take it easy.

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