Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

So, we didn't exactly have a normal Easter Sunday. The only Easter-y part of today was the fresh blueberry pancakes I made for breakfast.

This is because Rover Bill was still staying with us trying to finish up work on The Canadian's Land Rover. Somehow Friday's work turned into Saturday's work...which then turned into get the idea.

Thankfully my in-laws were accommodating and moved Easter dinner to Monday. Which, by the way, is a national holiday here in Canada. It's called Easter Monday. Creative, I know.

The Land Rover has been out of commission for months. Apparently gasoline is not supposed to be this color. But that was only one of the issues.

I'd love to tell you all about the other things they fixed, tweaked and replaced but I was too busy hiding inside watching cinematic masterpieces like The Wedding Planner and Bring It On: Fight to the Finish. 

Somehow, even without my expertise, they managed to get the Land Rover running. And for that I will forever be in Rover Bill's debt.

Instead of an Easter egg hunt Maple had a tennis ball hunt...and was quite successful. Who knew how many balls had been buried under the snow?

I was impressed with her retrieving skills until she began staring me down and barking...

Do you want me to throw this??

You do?!

Well, tough. Next time don't bark at me. hmph.

I really showed her who is boss. 

Happy Easter!


Satruday Workout: Cardio - 45 minutes, Weights - triceps, back, legs, abs

Sunday Workout: Cardio - 30 minutes, Weights - biceps, shoulders, legs, abs

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